Economy News


In this article, we would like to share with you some of the latest news from the world of economy. Understanding how economy works is important and can’t be done without being aware of the trends and the reality that is happening around you. That is the reason every economist must know as much as possible about the world of economy.


The-US-Federal-Reserve-007USA – United States Federal Reserves are causing stirring in the Wall Street and economy world wide. With the Europe economy and Greek problem being looked at from all sides, US Federal Reserves are planning on changing some of their policies in order to normalize their dollar and stop it’s decline on the global market. World’s number one economy is a good direction to look at when they are changing, and especially when it comes to policies that involve landing money. It seems that the US will increase their interest rates for the first time in years, but since there are still no official news coming form the Reserves, we are all waiting.


3fc4ffc9-0024-4ace-b122-750cbe5897f0England – decision makers in the Bank of England are trusting the central bank to set the rules of inflation, it seems. Plans to get higher inflation rates is counting on the fact that pound will get stronger and that people’s buying power will ensure that enough money is circulating the market. They do claim that this means that productivity of companies and individuals must be increased in order for this to happen.


Survey answersUSA – a poll conducted last week put 1500 adults to test their knowledge in economics and it seems like the results are troubling. It shows how little people actually know about the economy system and with the elections nearing this year, some see it as a problem. If people don’t understand what certain political and economic decisions mean and how will they effect their lives then voting is made useless. How will people actually choose who they want to lead them if they don’t understand the risks and benefits of different economic or social plans and – what if they are voting for the wrong candidate all along? – asks the poll creator. He said that the poll was intended to show people how lack of knowledge can be dangerous and it seems like the experiment exceeded the expectations.


3dlogo1UK – there are changes in the UK that must be made in order to help the mid-sized business to grow. In order to do that CBI asked for the next revision of the budget to include plans for bringing better conditions for companies to develop in. One of them is research and development tax. The plan is to decrease the tax to motivate companies to expand in this field as it is obvious that such companies will make more profit and do better in this economy conditions. Another suggestion is dealing with childcare, as it is asked that free childcare be extended from only 1 and 2 year olds. It seems like the UK is giving it’s best to make room for more growth and industry development.